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The Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System

The Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) is the state’s formal coaching and evaluation tool for teachers. Together, teachers and campus-based appraisers, partner to engage in this comprehensive, evaluative tool designed to give teachers a clear and concise picture of their current teaching practices and prescribe effective practice strategies to ensure excellence in teaching and learning for all students.

The teacher steering committee that developed the T-TESS rubric wanted to ensure that this rubric was a growth tool. In order for that to occur, the ceiling (Distinguished) had to be a very lofty measure that captured what all teachers strive toward but very few teachers consistently attain. Unlike other evaluation systems, the Proficient performance level in T-TESS contains strong teaching practices; a campus filled with Proficient teachers is indicative of a high-functioning campus. The two higher performance levels, Accomplished and Distinguished, were added for growth and aspiration.

To learn more about the T-TESS, please click on each of the components (T-TESS Domains and Student Growth Measures).